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1 Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)
  Volume I (Rap.pdf)
  Volume II (rv2.pdf)
2 Environment Assessment (EA) Summary (Ea.pdf)
3 Consolidated EA
Volume 1
Chapter1 Introduction (CEA11.pdf)
Chapter2 Policies (CEA12.pdf)
Chapter3 Methodology (CEA13.pdf)
Chapter4_baseline (CEA14.pdf)
Chapter5_Analysis of Alternatives (CEA15.pdf)
Chapter6_Community Consultation (CEA16.pdf)
Chapter7_Impacts (CEA17.pdf)
Chapter8_Mitigation (CEA18.pdf)
Abreviations (abbr.pdf)
List of EA Preparers (ceateam.pdf)
List of Figures_fin (ceafig.pdf)
List of Tables_fin (ceatab.pdf)
Table of Contents (ceatoc.pdf)
  Volume 2
  Appendix_Final_delhi_090303 (Appendix_Final_delhi_090303.htm)
  Table 8.3.8_Enhancement List_fin (table38.pdf)
  Addressal of comments- Draft EA, EMP Documents_December ~724 (addressal.pdf)
4 Environmental & Resettlement Management Plan (earmp.pdf)
5 Environment Management Plan for Resettlement Sites (emprr.pdf)
  Annexure I_final (emprra1.pdf)
  Annexure II_final (emprra2.pdf)
  Annexure I_final III (emprra3.pdf)
  Annexure I_final IV (emprra4.pdf)
6 Environment Management Plan (EMP)
a TNRSP 01 b TNRSP 02
  Volume I (empv11.pdf)   Volume I (empv21.pdf)
  Volume II   Volume II
  Appendix 3.14 tnrsp01 (tn1v21.pdf)   Appendix 3.9 (tn2v21.pdf)
  Appendix 3.9 (tn1v22.pdf) Appendix3.9_fin (tn2v22.pdf)
  Appendix_A3_01FINAL (tn1v23.pdf)   Appendix_A3_3-15final (tn2v23.pdf)
  Appendix_A3_3-15final (tn1v24.pdf)   Final Appendix_A3_02 (tn2v24.pdf)
  Appendix3.9_fin (tn1v25.pdf)   List of Appendices_02 (tn2v25.pdf)
  fig 3.12.1 (tn1v26.pdf)   Table 3.11.5 (tn2v26.pdf)
  Fig3.12.2_junction (tn1v27.pdf)   Tree Plantation_table 3.12.4 (tn2v27.pdf)
  List of Appendices_01 (tn1v28.pdf)    
  Table 3.11.5 (tn1v29.pdf)    
  Tree Plantation_Table 3.12. 8 (tn1v210.pdf)    
c TNRSP 03 d TNRSP 04
  Volume I (empv31.pdf) Volume I (empv41.pdf)
  Volume II Volume II
  Appendix 3.15 (tn3v21.pdf) Appendix 3.9 (tn4v21.pdf)
  Appendix_3.15_fin (tn3v22.pdf) Appendix3.9_fin (tn4v22.pdf)
  Appendix_A3_3-14final (tn3v23.pdf) Appendix_A3_3-15final (tn4v23.pdf)
  Final Appendix_A3_03 (tn3v24.pdf) Final Appendix_A3_04 (tn4v25.pdf)
  List of Appendices_03 (tn3v25.pdf) Final Appendix_A3_041 (tn4v26.pdf)
  Table 3.10.5 (tn3v26.pdf) List of Appendices_04 (tn4v27.pdf)
  Tree Plantation_Table 3.11.4 (tn3v27.pdf) Table 3.11.5 (tn4v28.pdf)
    Tree Plantation_Table 3.12.4 (tn4v29.pdf)
7 Highways Act
8. Project Appraisal Document (PAD)
  Road Safety Policy  
  Quarterly Progress Report for December 2009  
  Audit Certificate for 2010-11 issued by Accountant General  
  Audit Certificate for 2008-2009 issued by Accountant General  
  EOI - Technical Review Consultancy service for 3rd & 4th year Road maintenance works  
  Quarterly Progress Report  

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